Exploring Rachel Carson Reserve

It’s getting to be R/V [Research Vessel] time again!

A few weeks ago, we had a perfect day to get out on the water, and blow the dust off of the boat and camera, to get ready for some upcoming projects, so I decided to put together a short behind the scenes video for anyone who wants to tag along on my adventures.

This particular exposed sand bar is part of the Rachel Carson Reserve, which is a preserved marine environment of about 2,300 acres, and is home to wild horses, migrating birds, all sorts of marine critters, and as you’ll see in this video; lots of cool sand bars, some of which are only exposed at low tide.

I was drawn to making this particular photograph by the spectacular thunder clouds in the distance reflecting off the surface of the water in each tide pool. It brought a contrast to the scene that would’ve otherwise been very flat and dull (like the pool closest to the camera in the final photograph, which leads you through the composition). The mottled highlights in the pools across the scene were just so unique and fleeting, and say so much about this fragile, but dramatic tidal environment.