Cedar Island II signature detail.

Limited Edition silver gelatin framed pieces are produced using the finest, most archival materials available. Each signed and certified print that leaves our studio is printed with Ilford Galerie Fibre silver gelatin true photographic paper. All are hand-assembled and framed to dimensions chosen specifically to highlight the photographic work. Each is made with the utmost of care and attention to archival preservation for generations of appreciation.

Live Oak I in 16x20 on 26x30 Graphite Grey frame with 1/2" frame spacing.

Beaufort Inlet I in 16x20 on 26x30 mount and frame.

Graphite Grey frame with 1/2" frame spacing detail.

Mesquite Flat VII in 16x20 or 20x24

16x20 inch (editions of 10) and 20x24 inch (editions of 10) prints (above) are mounted on custom oversized 26x30 and 30x34 (respectively) museum cotton rag mat. Each is enclosed in a graphite grey anodized aluminum frame with 1/2" spacing between the artwork and UV acrylic glazing. Pieces arrive ready to hang.

Shackleford II in 30x38 or 40x50

30x38 (editions of 10) and 40x50 inch prints (editions of 10) are mounted on oversized museum rag board, supported by 1/8" Dibond, and surrounded by a four inch white border. Overall framed sizes are 38x46 and 48x58 respectively. Each is enclosed in a graphite grey anodized aluminum frame with 1/2" spacing between the artwork and UV acrylic glazing. Pieces arrive ready to hang.

Custom Framing: Each piece has been designed to our discerning taste. However, if you have special framing or display needs, we're glad to help. Please contact us with any questions.

Guarantee: Every photograph is guaranteed to your satisfaction. If you are somehow displeased with the works you receive, we will gladly exchange for another piece.

Delivery: We keep a small inventory in our studio, and each piece is hand-made. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

Oh, and one more thing: Photographic prints and computer screens differ, so you might experience a slight variance online vs. in person. Both are splendid, in our opinion.


A quote from Ilford, the world's largest manufacturer of silver gelatin films and papers:

"There are many ways to produce a monochrome print so why does a silver image represent the best option?

Below are a few of the reasons why silver is superior and also an answer to the question "Why is a monochrome image from colour not good enough?"

Why is Silver Superior? 

Black and White images made from silver have been around for over 150 years. There is no doubt that real silver Black and White images last and have a timeless quality that cannot be matched.

The fact that silver gives better control of image tone and is predictable, reliable and stable, makes it the perfect platform for creative image making.

Genuine high quality Black & White prints are still highly sought after for the distinctive look and interpretation they bring to a subject, enhancing its merit artistically and hence it will have a higher intrinsic value.

Why is colour not good enough?

For true Black and White images colour paper cannot be used.

‘Black’ which has been produced from a mixture of dyes will vary in colour depending on the type of lighting in which it is viewed. This is because of a phenomenon called 'metamerism' where ‘black’ which looks black in daylight will look greenish in tungsten light.

The eye is very sensitive to small colour shifts in a grey tone. Variations that would be acceptable for a colour image are unacceptable for a Black and White print.

Even if a reasonably neutral tone is achieved for a monochrome image on a colour paper, there is often a shift in image tone as the print is displayed or as, inevitably, the dye fades with age. For a full colour print this shift is normally insignificant and goes largely unnoticed. The eye is much more sensitive to these sorts of changes if the image is a monochrome one and so even a small shift in colour, due to fading of the dyes, can have a major effect on the print’s look, attractiveness and acceptability.

It is, therefore, essential to insist on real silver Black and White images so that the beauty and creativity of the original will last a lifetime."