February VLOG

Yeah, I VLOG now.

Not really, but I'm doing my best to do a little peering into what exactly it is I'm doing each month. Some months, it's a lot. Others, not so much so.

Anyway, this is like a feature-length movie for me...behind the scenes in the making of CYPRESS STUDIES.

I was originally intrigued by bald cypress, mainly because of their environment. They thrive under the perfect, but specific conditions; alongside the muddy waters of southern rivers and lakes. They almost stand guard over the shoreline, some of the lucky ones living for thousands of years. Each is unique, from its fluted trunk up to its often windswept branches.

Working with large format camera systems is a tedious, but methodical process on dry land. Add a boat, wind, water depths, and some general unknowns (SNAKES) into the equation, and things turn into a real, but fun challenge.

Anyway...I hope you enjoy this walk and boat ride through some beautiful cypress forests I've been exploring.