Q&A Week Three

What kind of gear do you use?     All of my fine art work is photographed on 4x5 inch black and white film. I never shoot digital, because I feel that digital makes most photographers less focused. Film shooting is broken down into individual exposures. If you’re shooting a roll of 35mm, you have 36 exposures. It is quantifiable. With digital, you can have a card in your camera that may hold a thousand images. There’s less pressure to concentrate on what exactly you’re trying to accomplish.

When I’m in the field, I generally have about a dozen sheets of film with me, as film holders are bulky and heavy. In a year, I will make about a hundred exposures. Many photographers working digitally will make a dozen quick snapshots of their surroundings, just to look at the screen on their camera to see if the camera picked up anything they should actually photograph. When you have limited chances, you’re more likely to become more in-tune with your subject.